New Model Gear Head Milling And Drilling Machine

Posted by Stephen Azzopardi on

New model of Gear head milling and drilling machine DM50

A professional and precision milling machine.
Features an extended Y-AXIS travel of 350mm with longer bed.
Ideal for engineering workshops, precision milling and drilling operations, custom manufacturing , training workshops and professional use.
Gear head speed selection of 6 speeds 75-1600rpm single phase motor. 
Large table size of 1000mmx300mm
Well built and strong structure all cast iron.
The machine comes complete with head lifting motor and auto spindle feed.

Standard accessories that come with the machine.

Power feed for X and Y axis
Central oil lubrication system
Auto spindle feed
Head lifting motor
Hanging control panel for easier access and control of switches
Large table size of 1000mmx300mm
Cast iron stand
Drill chuck
Collet chuck
CE standards with interlocked chuck guard,leadscrew guard and emergency stop switches.