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Heavy duty drilling machine 5040

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Heavy duty type drilling machine


  • Complete with coolant system.
  • Gear head 6 speed selection for maximum torque 80-1250rpm
  • Tapping selection.
  • 40mm drilling capacity.
  • Head can tilt both ways for angle drilling.
  • Available in single phase and 3 phase motors.

Standards accessories that come with the machine:

  1. Drill chuck with MT4 arbor.
  2. Coolant pump system.
Drilling machines
Max.distance from spindle nose to worktable 725mm
Max.travel of headstock 250mm
Max.travel of worktable bracket 600mm
Min.distance from spindle axis to column 283mm
Size of stand worktable 417x416mm
Swivel angle of headstock(horizontal/perpendicular) 360degrees +-90degrees
Swivel angle of table horizontally 360degrees
Table leaned +-45degrees
Worktable size 380x300mm
Spindle travel 130mm
Max.distance from spindle nose to stand table 1125mm

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