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Metal cutting bandsaw BS260G

  • Product Code: BS260G
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  • European design series
  • Rigid cast iron material with steel base
  • Two speed selection for optimum cutting of metal
  • Hydraulic down force control with hydraulic cylinder
  • Quick adjusting swivel saw frame for any angle up to 60 degrees
  • Built to last for many years for maximum production and efficiency
  • Complete with cooling system to prolong the blade life and more efficient cutting
Metal Cutting Bandsaws
Blade Size 27x0.9x2455mm
Blade Speed at 50Hz 72MPM, 236FPM
Circular Capacity at 45 Degree 150mm
Circular capacity at 60 degrees 90mm
Circular Capacity at 90 Degree 227mm
Drive Gear
Motor Power 1/1.5hp 3 phase 2 speed motor
N.W./G.W. 190/263kg
Rectangular Capacity at 45 Degree 150x125mm
Rectangular capacity at 60 degrees 85x85mm
Rectangular Capacity at 90 Degree 260x110mm

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