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Metal cutting bandsaw BS280G

  • Product Code: BS280G
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  • European design series
  • Rigid cast iron material with steel base
  • Two speed selection for optimum cutting of metal
  • Hydraulic down force control with hydraulic cylinder
  • Quick adjusting swivel saw frame for any angle up to 60 degrees
  • Built to last for many years for maximum production and efficiency
  • Complete with cooling system to prolong the blade life and more efficient cutting
Metal Cutting Bandsaws
Blade Size 27x0.9x2450mm
Blade Speed at 50Hz 40/80MPM
Circular Capacity at 45 Degree 160mm
Circular capacity at 60 degrees 100mm
Circular Capacity at 90 Degree 220mm
Drive Gear
Motor Power 3phase 400V 1/1.5hp 2 speed motor
N.W./G.W. 254/287kg
Rectangular Capacity at 45 Degree 160x110mm
Rectangular capacity at 60 degrees 80x95mm
Rectangular Capacity at 90 Degree 250x155mm

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