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The machines are modern versions of 16k20 and 16k25 machines and can be applied in different branches of industry for various machining operations and different materials: outer and inner diameter machining; outer, inner, metric, inch, modular, worm threading; drilling, boring, reaming. Strong structure of the cast bed and its hardened precision-ground guideways provide professional machining and reliable stable work. Due to high-precision spindle bearings, the structure of the spindle unit and the whole machine is especially rigid. This allows heavy-duty machining, fully using the motor power. The machines are manufactured using advanced technology, they are easy to operate and keep precision for a long time. Hardened and precision-ground helical gears of the main spindle improve performance, insure quiet operation and long operating life of the machine and smoothness of gear shifting.

Gear Box

The gear box is used for reducing the speed of spindle rotation. It has 24 speed steps in the range from 9 to 1600 rpm. All the gears are heat-hardened, which increases their wear resistance. The lubrication system insures good cooling and fiction reduction, stabilizing errors caused by thermal deformation of the headstock during cutting.

    Standard accessories:
  • Coolant supply system with a pump 25 l/min;
  • Foot brake of spindle;
  • Halogen light;
  • Chuck safety guard;
  • Splash guard;
  • Installed drive belts, a set of 4 pcs;
  • Lead screw protection and drive shaft protection, a set of 2 pcs;
  • Tailstock;
  • Adapter sleeve into spindle bore;
  • Follow rest D20…80;
  • Steady rest D20…125;
  • Chuck adapter D250;
  • 3-jaw chuck D250;
  • Z axis adjustable stop;
  • Dead center МТ5, for tailstock;
  • Dead center МТ5, for adapter sleeve;
  • Live center МТ5;
  • 4-position tool holder;
  • Hook spanner 45-52;
  • Hook spanner 115-130;
  • Hook spanner 150-160;
  • Tool holder wrench;
  • Adapter wrench;
  • Operation manual (passport);
  • Grease gun;
  • Vibration mount ОВ-31М.
Lathe Machines
Swing Over Bed 500mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 300
Spindle Taper MT6
Spindle Bore 52mm
Range Of Metric Threads 0.5-224mm
Worm thread 56-1/4DP
Module thread 0.5-112
Spindle Speed 9-1600rpm 24 steps by gears
Power of the main motor 7.5kw
Net Weight 2900/3200kgs
Max. Length Of Workpiece 1000/1500mm
Range Of imperial Threads 72-1/8tpi
Tailstock Quill Travel 150mm
Taper Of Tailstock Quill MT5

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