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Taps and Die Set 45 Piece Set

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Alloy Steel material.
Metric sizes.

Set includes: 

One plug tap and one round die of the following size: 
6mmx0.75, 6mmx1.0, 8mmx1.0m 8mmx1.25, 10mmx1.25, 10mmx1.50 
12mmx1.5, 12mmx1.75, 14mmx1.5, 14mmx2.0, 16mmx1.5, 16mmx2.0 
18mmx1.5, 18mmx2.5, 20mmx1.5, 20mmx2.5, 22mmx1.5, 22mmx2.5 
24mmx1.5, 24mmx3.0
1- Adjustable die stock with adaptor
1- Adjustable handle tap wrench. 
1- T-Tap Wrench
1- Screw driver
1- Plastic box

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